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granites labs wholesaleGranite Slabs – Wholesale
Fabricators know that granite countertops and floors can add both value and beauty to a home. Unfortunately, not many homeowners take the time to educate themselves about granite and its many possibilities. In the Toronto area, there are companies specializing in importing and distributing fine stone. If you're building or renovating a home, invest some time and effort in exploring what they have to offer. You may discover a world of options you never knew existed!
Visit A Showroom
In today's busy world, people often make decisions based on convenience rather than examining all the available alternatives; for example, homeowners sometimes choose granite by looking through small samples. It's much more desirable to look at an entire slab of stone before making a decision. Granite can have variations in colour and graining, and these can greatly affect the look of your floor or countertop.
As well, many people are unaware of the wide range of colours and patterns available. Most homeowners adhere to the rule of using cream or light brown granite for a traditional look, and black or dark brown stone for a more modern feeling.
However, there's a huge selection of more exotic granites that may mesh perfectly with your particular taste and style. These include granites from locales throughout the world, including Brazil, Italy, Spain, and India that range in colour from various shades of blue to dramatic burgundy and brown marbling to pink or silver.
The only way to truly appreciate the types of granite available is by visiting an importer's showroom or warehouse and examining the variety of stone slabs they feature.
Always In Style
Fine stone is timeless and extremely durable. Building or renovating using fine granite ensures that your home has added value that will endure over the lifetime of the house. Granite looks wonderful in any room, but high traffic areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom are particularly suitable for granite floors or countertops, since granite is also water resistant.
Granite has many other advantages, such as the fact that it's hygienic and hypo-allergenic, as well as easy to care for. You may opt for a highly polished surface or a matte finish.
One thing to remember is that granite must be installed by reputable professionals. Working with stone requires great precision, so be sure to use trusted fabricators. While installing granite floors can be more costly than other types of flooring, remember that stone floors will last a lifetime, and never need replacing. And you may be pleasantly surprised to find that granite countertops are often no more expensive than other types of quality countertop material. Of course, all stone adds resale value to your home.
But the most compelling reason to opt for granite is its enduring beauty. Polished granite catches the light in a manner that makes it appear almost luminous. All granite lends your home a feeling of elegance and luxury. Each piece of stone is unique, making your granite features one-of-a-kind.
Granite – a beautiful, natural material for your home that will last a lifetime.